Jun 3, 2008


Date : 28 June, 2008
Time : 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM
Place : Galeri, Bangunan Pengurusan, UNITEN

Kindly bring along a bank draft made in favor of Universiti Tenaga Nasional for payment during registration day as stated on the back of your offer letter.
Please go to http://apply.uniten.edu.my/apply or http://www.uniten.edu.my and login Online Application to view Confirmation Letter and to print E-Booklet. Completed E-Booklet must be submitted to the University on the registration day. All students are required to stay in the campus during orientation week.

**tarikh aku mendaftar...adeh..kecuakan...

**cuyak!!tgu aku....hohoho...ehem polis,jgn jelesh...


Rya said...

selamat mendaftar sis..

carol® said...

hey dere ~ really want to thank you u for posting up de link to http://apply.uniten.edu.my/apply
u noe or not... i have been searching tis link for like so long~!! thanks a lot for saving me from my trouble :D

all de best in your study in uniten ya ;)