May 7, 2010

happy 21st anniversary!

arini 7th may kan?
silly me!
totally forgot bout my mum and dad's anniversary..*aku ingt 1 syawal je..x ingt 7 may.*
they had been married for 21 years already..betol la kan,since aku umo 20..betolbetolbetol.
yeah,till now they happy together.
and i pray they will be happy together till end of life.

7 may 1989 bersamaan 1 syawal 1409,ibu ayah nikah.
27 mac 1990 bersamaan 1 ramadhan 1410,the owner of this blog lahir.
i've been live with them for 20 years dan akan terus tgl dgn dorg for only-God-know-till-when.

kak long wanna wish both of u happy 21th anniversary!
wish the love among both of u will grow forever..
i love both of u sosososos much even org x prnh tunjuk.
yes,i love u!
kak long.

bile tgk ibu dgn i pray that my soulmate will be just like ayah...pray.pray.pray~


acap said...

xpe..yg penting jam doreamon ttp stay..

p.i.n.a.t. said...

ahaha..tu suda pasti~