May 8, 2010

i love my lelemis!


found one best quote while am reading children story book..hehe~
kes bosan masa tunggu ayah test modem pkck wan kt umah and couldnt connect to internet.
title buku tu,TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure from Disney Fairies series..kinda read a loud story book for children..ahaha~
see.see..nampak tak how bored am i sampai baca buku kanak2??

move to main point,
here the quote..
The greatest treasures are not gold,
Nor jewels,nor works of art.
They cannot be held in your hands.
They're held within your heart.
Worldly things will fade away
and seasons come and go,
But the treasure of true friendship
Will never lose its glow...
-TinkerBell and the Lost Treasures-

frenship quote..
sgt mendalam.
and yeah,i really.really.really treasure my friends!
i love them so much!
and i cant imagine how my life would be if i never found them..
my besties are the most precious things i have in my life beside my family.

lelemis terchenta,i love u girls so much!
people,mess with them mean u mess with me.


azuan said...

yup! hidup perlu rakan~

pondokmerah said...

nice blog, boleh tunjuk ajar saya baru buat blog today

p.i.n.a.t. said...

azuan-> yep2..btol2..stuju~

pondokmerah-> hee..thnx..