May 2, 2010


"someone said before,
" i love you" isn't something you say only by your mouth
u say it with ur fingertips and breath as well..
i dont know if u can tell by looking at my face..
oh,.you cant?then i will just say it,
words by ryeowook,marry u mini concert..

auwww...cheesy mode kot malam neh..
as if ade yg propose aku gune those words,on the spot aku ckp YES,I DO!

and here,my friend made specially for me..
totally love this hello kitty sebab die kaler biru!!
yes,i'm heechul bias..any prob?hahah~

forgive me for the fangirling and cheesy mode tonite..wee~

till then,
pinat yg comot tp comel.


Siti Fatimah Nabihah said...

hehe =) lurve!!

spAn_kUrAk said...

dh rmai dh owg wt page cm Kafir Bangga tuh..
n ak rse die sje nk attention..
yelah, kt fb jek brani ckp mcm2, kt lua tau lak snyp..
die ske ble org dok maki2 die..
die rse die betul..

n yup, if die btol2 pkirn songsang cmth,
kte ptot nasihat die leklok..

pe nk jd ngn budak2 melayu skang.