Aug 6, 2010

korea and singapore,2011...

my friend invite me to join her holiday at korea on nov,2011...
i wanna goooooooooooooo...
ibu,ayah..can i??
what i need to bring just the money only..accommodation everything are prepare..
ibu ayah please..
this is the only one in my lifetime chance..please.please.please....><

november at korea is autumn right?
gaahh..i wanna go..
i need to save my money from now for my own sake!

and the singapore too on early of next year!
i wanna go!
ok.pinat.u shud berjimat like crazy till the day to save up money for both countries!andddddddddd other things too!><" all my visitors,sudi2 la click iklan nuffnang yg ade tu eh kalo die kuar...
tabung derma pinat tu..


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