Sep 20, 2010

emo thing.

nothing much to share lately.

too bz with real being an ELF too..kekeke~

just need somewhere to spill now,

hating someone makes our heart hurts.
same goes to loving someone.


gaaaah...can i kill someone right now?can i?fufufufufuf~

emo nuff?yeah~

*cant wait for spore trips with my gfs next year!*

pesanan penaja: be honest,awk x kn dapat ape2 cite da dlm blog sy ni..serius!awk nk tau kot2 sy jmpe org 'tu' and sy gtau dlm blog ni?,i've tumblr and twitter.feel free to visit there for more info.muahahaha!*evil me*
ehem..sape mkn cili,rase pedas la.kthnxbai.