Dec 29, 2010


29 Dec 2010.

New Year 2011 just few more days ahead.

i'll be 21 next year.selagi belum 27 march,i'm still 20.=P

2011,please be good to me.please give me a great memories.=)

3rd year seems so close.
few more months.
fyp,we'll meet soon.soon.

january 2011,hoping for a very great memories.soon.=D

what i've done in 2010?
lots of things.
to be honest,i'll never.ever.ever want to go back to january 2010.
to be exact,5th jan 2010.superduperhateit!
why?lets keep it as secret.iknowi'

till then,

*motif tetibe stop gini?miahahahaha..i like~*

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