Jan 1, 2011

babai 2010, hello 2011!

2010 just left us.
2011 just greet us.


hope everything will going well this year.
lots of things i've plan for this year..when i said lots,it reallllllllllly mean A LOT of plans!
what happened in 2010,left it behind.
what will happen in 2011, accept it with strong heart.

*tadah tangan* 
"Ya Allah, may Ur bless be with me throughout the year."

welcome 21 year old me.!=D
goodbye 20 year old me.~sayonara.=')

ehem.da umo 21,bolehlah nk kenalkan bakal menantu kat ibu ayah ni.en kim heechul,nnti i bwk u jumpe ibuayah eh.bahahahahahah~XDD


Fay said...

happy new year pinat! XD

Nihin said...

alamak.. izzie nak bawak heechul jumpa makayah gak nie.. kekkekeke

happy new year!

p.i.n.a.t. said...

fay - hepi new year fay!!

izzie - hep.hep.nonono..da book en heechul ni.hahaha