Mar 27, 2011

happy birthday!

happy 21st birthday to me!
today is 27th march right?soooooooo.its my bday guys!^^ and my 1st anniversary as an ELF. "E.L.F, EverLasting Friends!" [random]

1st, a billiontrillionzillion thanks to my parents.thanks for raising me up for this 21st years and will continue to take care of me till the end of my life.
thanks a lot to my mum,for giving birth to me.although its hard for her,thanks for giving me a chance to live in this world.
I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!i know i didnt say it in front of u guys,but,i love u.
i know,am not a good daughter.not a great daughter to be proud of. but still,am trying to be.*hugs*

2nd, last night,around 12++ am my lovely sisters come and surprised me with small celebration in front of my house.
serius.memang terkejut. nasib baik laaahh tak menangis. ilang macho.=P
k.nik the best lah,konon2 cakap k.echa nak balik ganu,so k.echa nak dtg jumpa lahh.*which memang betul pun k.echa is going back to ganu today*
and that time,i was okkk..k.echa wanna meet me je pun.x kesah lah.
sekali dorang keluar kereta menyanyi lagu birthday with cupcakes.
and me that time cam whoaah. sebab,since keluar maahad,i never have that kind of celebration anymore.the one at 12am come to my dorm and sing happy bday,wish me like crazy till kena suruh diam since orang dah tidur.;P
really am so touched.
then bila dorang nak balik,that time cam ok lah.dorang datang and give choc,cupcakes ok lah, tetiba k.nik bawak keluar another present.
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa,the presents;

 the chocs;

anddddddd here,the gift from one my ELFbestie;annie,

guess his name? it's MR.HEECHUL!=P oh,that button is angeleeteuk.

and this,from my parents. errr. a bit early lah i got this present,a month early;

oh.i got another present,err.the most expensive lah kot.but then,the thing is not in my hand right,no picca. will wait till the day itself,then i can show u the present.;P

ye,pinat memang terharu gila tahap terharu lah!
i never thought this 2 sisters akan buat macam ni for me.
it was awesome.*shed tears*
thanks unnie2 ku sayang.=')

and not forgetting, thanks to those who wish me thru FB,twitter and the most meaningful, via SMS. thnks my darlings. ILY.

heyyy. its been a year am being an ELF. and it was awesome! done with my 2nd year out of 3 years!;)

till then,

Mar 21, 2011


Sorry that I ask for band merch once in a while instead of $500 dollar dresses.
Sorry that I want to go to concerts maybe once every two months instead of partying every weekend.
Sorry that I spend my money on skinny jeans instead of drugs like so many other teens.
Sorry that I spend a lot of time in my room on my laptop isntead of getting drunk and hooking up with randoms.
Sorry that I sometimes ask to go to a friends house instead of just getting up and leaving without warning.
Sorry that I cover my bedroom walls with posters of bands instead of shirtless guys.
Sorry that I wear skinny jeans and hoodies out instead of short shorts and a tshirt that could practically be a bra.
Sorry that I blast music instead of trying to sneak into clubs.
Sorry that I’m not what everybody expects teens to be like these days.

statement di atas sgt best kan?
sorry for not being the teens that might be someone else expect me to


Mar 20, 2011

good luck unitenian!!

short entry.i know it'll be short.

to all degree student of uniten,
a very big GOOD LUCK to all of us!
wish u all the best in answering the exam.
strive for excellent!

and all,forgive me kalo ade salah silap. peace!;)

heyhey.i have a great weekend la this week.walaupun penat x cukup tidur+demam.

Mar 18, 2011

i wish...

 how i wish my parents can understand that..............

- When I hang with a boy doesnt mean he’s my boyfriend.
- High school is hard, and I’m trying my best.
- Im a teenager, I dont always have the best attitude.
- I try to make the best decisions for me.
- I’m young and want to have fun.
- My room gets messy. 
- If I’m out all night doesnt mean im drinking or doing drugs
- I’m growing up and being sheltered isnt going to do any good for me.

sometimes,i do envy those who can go out anytime,anywhere they want. but then,i know,my parents wanted the best for me.=')

Mar 8, 2011

saya seorang yg busy. oktipu.

2011, March.

the MOST busiest month.

no leisure time during weekend.

1st and 2nd weekend, spend my holiday in Penang. yes, ayahcik's wedding.
3rd weekend, have program to attend.
4th weekend, last 2 papers for my final exam baby!-> the end of my 2nd year. bohhooooo~

oh. that 4th weekend,the sunday one is my birthday. cough family,iwantchoccakewithSJ'spicprintedonit cough

oh harini hari wanita sedunia kan?
Happy Women's day~=D

till then,

Mar 1, 2011

hello march!

1 march 2011 already!

pandang balik 2 bulan yg dah ditinggalkan dalam 2011..
hurmm.banyak benda aku dah buat.
banyak benda yang tak pernah terfikir aku akan buat,aku dah buat.
banyak jugak benda yang dah terjadi.

for the first time in my life,nama kena panggil kat LCCT.muahaha. sangat menjadi kenangan bila pagi2 buta dah kena lari nak kejar plane. =_="
january jugak,
first time having a vacation trip with friends.singapore yuuuuu!=p

err.yup.done something.^^
february jugak,
something big happened to my family. oh,sila baca entry sebelum ni.

soon,i'll celebrating my 21st birthday.
right after my final exam.
27 march 2011,please come soon.

and march,please be good to me and my family.^^

psst:sebenarnya byk benda jadi.but malas nak tulis.lalala.

till then,

entry sedih.


before start, baca x entry ni. =)

i did asked my readers to pray for my grandpa kan?
thanks to those yang mendoakan.

but sadly,
tok ayah dah meninggalkan kami last friday,8.30pm.
sedih bila orang yg used to raise me up dah takde.
sedih bila orang yg time me kecik2 dulu,dialah yg amek hantar pergi tadika.
sedih.sangat sedih.
tambah sedih bila hari arwah pergi tu,semua family members,anak2,cucu2 takde kat sisi arwah.
yeap.takde.bukan takde saja2..bersebab.

suppose,hari sabtu (26 feb) ayahcik nikah dekat kelantan.
tapi,arwah pergi jumaat malam sabtu (25 feb).
by the time malam tu,semua ada kat kelantan.
masa makteh call dari penang time tu,memang tak sedap hati dah.
acik yang cakap dgn makteh..masa acik nangis,i know,something is wrong.
time acik bagitau ibu yang tok ayah dah takde,time tu me rasa dunia mcm gelap.thanks God time tu berdiri sebelah tiang.memang lembik lutut.bersandar terus kat tiang.crying n crying.
malam tu jugak ma decide nak nikahkan ayahcik.
lepas nikah,11pm camtu,kitorg terus gerak balik penang..
sampai penang pukul 4am,terus pergi umah tok ayah.
time tengok jasad tok ayah atas katil,me still leh tahan lagi sebak.
pagi tu,me sempat siram tok ayah.semua anak cucu arwah dapat peluang terakhir siramkan tok ayah.still boleh tahan lagi sedih.
time jasad tok ayah dikafankan,time tu memang tak boleh tahan sangat2..
muka tok ayah bersih je,dengan serban kat kepala..tok ayah nampak sangat tenang.
time cium dahi tok ayah,dahi arwah sejuk.sejuk sangat.
time tu memang memang semua habis menangis la..
yelah,semua tahu,tulah kali terakhir kami dapat tengok muka tok ayah.kami dapat sentuh tok ayah.*kalo ikut ati mmg sume leh wat cam dlm drama,meraung, masing2 ada iman.kena redha.*
me berpeluang hantar arwah sampai kubur,talkin sekali.
sedih.tapi memang kami redha sangat2..
at last,tok ayah dah tak terseksa kena cucuk dengan wayar berselirat satu badan,kena cuci buah pinggang selalu,kena tahan kat wad memanjang.penyeksaan tu dah berakhir.

macam yang Allah dah janjikan,
"setiap yang hidup pasti akan mati."

kami kena redha sangat2 lah.*shed tears*
Al-Fatihah. Semoga Rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

ok.cik penulis menangis secara tiba2 time tulis ni.