Mar 8, 2011

saya seorang yg busy. oktipu.

2011, March.

the MOST busiest month.

no leisure time during weekend.

1st and 2nd weekend, spend my holiday in Penang. yes, ayahcik's wedding.
3rd weekend, have program to attend.
4th weekend, last 2 papers for my final exam baby!-> the end of my 2nd year. bohhooooo~

oh. that 4th weekend,the sunday one is my birthday. cough family,iwantchoccakewithSJ'spicprintedonit cough

oh harini hari wanita sedunia kan?
Happy Women's day~=D

till then,


Atheera said...

march bln yg bz kn. Tp march jugak bln yg best. Hehe.

p.i.n.a.t. said...

yup2!bulan yg best!XD

Misz Eisya said...

bulan yg mmg busy dgn projek n assignment ^^