Sep 9, 2012

Kawan-Kawan Yang Kita Suka.


ok.ok.. before i start....

yes, i know. i promised u guys about my next part of my trip. but wait ahhhh. i'll update it..erm, InsyaAllah by tomorrow. :D 2 parts(?) left. i think?no worries, i'll update it soon. 

but today..I would like to tell u guys about this one theater that i watched this evening? afternoon? err..3 what should we call? evening? afternoon? hahaha. who cares anyway. =P

firstly... I can say that..I've been grown up with theater. I watched theater since 7 year old? 6 years old? but I can say that every year, watching theater is a-must-do-activity for my family..but as years pass by..this activity is like..been forgotten? or can I say, my family can't find a suitable theater anymore to suit with my 10 years old sister?well, lets put it aside. that's not what I want to blog about actually.


I watched Kawan-Kawan Yang Kita Suka today. easy to say, this theater is an indie theater. not as exclusive as other theater that been held in Istana Budaya whatnot. this theater been held in Stor Teater DBP with just only 4 actors. 2 girls and 2 boys. just that. well, as the name. STOR. what can we expect? extravagant hall? nahhh. only a small hall with limited seats. but hey. FULL HOUSE okay? dont judge by its venue laaaa. =P

to summarize about this theater...

the story start with 4 friends (Agus, Nuar, Farah and Huda) playing around, lepak-ing in some stall(?) . i think. and Agus told them he will fly to Japan for some work. but he can't fly since his name is blacklist in PTPTN. then the story goes on with how Agus wanna pay whatnot. the climax is when his money that given by his parents lost! from there, those friendship bond that they build between 4 of them start to shaky. everybody accusing everybody. Nuar start to accuse Farah. Farah start to accuse Nuar. Agus start to accuse Farah and Huda. while Huda start to accuse Farah and Nuar. and they also accuse Agus as careless person. they start to fight. start to scream to each other whatnot. the mystery is solve when Nuar admit that he found the money on stairs one night and didn't know that is Agus money. but then Agus and Nuar start to fight with each other. that fight for me..was so intense. then Huda start to tell them why she love to befriend with them and everybody start to cool down. then the issue solve. Agus fly to Japan. then back home..maybe after few months? that's the end of the story.

sound simple right? friend. fight. it's normal in friendship.


I learned one thing. TRUST. trust is important in friendship. without trust..everything gone.
and we need no reason to like,love our friends. just be with them is enough.

and yes. I admit. I cried. actually I cried a lot during their fight. it other way, I can put myself in their situation even though there are different reason for me. even when the story end, my eyes still wet. lulz. =P

well, overall...this piece is great. directed by great director. acted by great actors. and managed by great teams!

what can I say... my RM30 worth it. and my 2 hours worth it too. :)

oh well, today is their last day of show. by the time this entry is done, left like..another one hour for the last show to end.

and oh well, I met Karl Shafek and talked with him lil' bit. :D

and oh well, I wore baju kurung to watch this theater. hahahahah. =P

till then,
me .

Mar 6, 2012

perfect two

idk why...
but bila dengar lagu ni....i just have this feeling...
the feeling where i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna meet my other half. the one yg dah ditentukan by Him..the one that will be my lifetime partner..

and well, the random me now thinking....
what's his name?
dekat mana dia tinggal?
umur dia berapa?
apa dia buat sekarang?
family dia macam mana?

well...the random me.

oh hai followers! dah lama sangat x menjengah blog. /sapu sawang/

salam and take care.

love, me. =)

Jan 1, 2012

new year...2011-2012...


/tiup habuk, sapu sawang/

huwaaaaaaaaaaaa. hai semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! /ade lg ke yang membaca?/

well, its been a while kan? heh heh heh heh. /muka tak bersalah/

2011 already bid goodbye last night.
and 2012 already say hye to me.



too many things happened.
friends come. friends go.
family come. family go.
made a lot of new friends~
gain a lot of new experiences.
loss a lot of things too.
did a lot of things unexpected.
loss a lot of things unexpected too.

met them. be with them. and hopefully this 2012 i can meet them and be with them a LOT of time again. =D

2012 plan............

finish my study.. well, i extend my study now. final year project 2 and another one elective subject left oh and my intern too.
Korea! here i cooooooooooomeeeeeeeeee!/melompat kegirangan/
i/Allah, if ada rezeki, will perform Hajj too. i/Allah. umur panjang, rezeki banyak. Allah jemput. i/Allah.
work permanently in any company!
rezeki lebih, maybe take IELTS and TOPIK. for further study plan. ;)
and live my life as good as i can, be a better person, muslimah. i'll try my best. =)

2012, please be good. may this year bring the best things for me.!
i have lots of plans for this year. and the plans continue till 2013.
and i hope every single plan that i have, i can make it! hopefully rezeki murah tahun ni. /uwang berganda2/

may my family gain a lot of prosperity this year. amiiiiiiiiin.

till then,

oh. Happy 27th Birthday, Sungmin!

disclaimer: picture credit as tagged.