Jan 1, 2012

new year...2011-2012...


/tiup habuk, sapu sawang/

huwaaaaaaaaaaaa. hai semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! /ade lg ke yang membaca?/

well, its been a while kan? heh heh heh heh. /muka tak bersalah/

2011 already bid goodbye last night.
and 2012 already say hye to me.



too many things happened.
friends come. friends go.
family come. family go.
made a lot of new friends~
gain a lot of new experiences.
loss a lot of things too.
did a lot of things unexpected.
loss a lot of things unexpected too.

met them. be with them. and hopefully this 2012 i can meet them and be with them a LOT of time again. =D

2012 plan............

finish my study.. well, i extend my study now. final year project 2 and another one elective subject left oh and my intern too.
Korea! here i cooooooooooomeeeeeeeeee!/melompat kegirangan/
i/Allah, if ada rezeki, will perform Hajj too. i/Allah. umur panjang, rezeki banyak. Allah jemput. i/Allah.
work permanently in any company!
rezeki lebih, maybe take IELTS and TOPIK. for further study plan. ;)
and live my life as good as i can, be a better person, muslimah. i'll try my best. =)

2012, please be good. may this year bring the best things for me.!
i have lots of plans for this year. and the plans continue till 2013.
and i hope every single plan that i have, i can make it! hopefully rezeki murah tahun ni. /uwang berganda2/

may my family gain a lot of prosperity this year. amiiiiiiiiin.

till then,

oh. Happy 27th Birthday, Sungmin!

disclaimer: picture credit as tagged.

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Along Arman said...

salam pinat..
still remember me?
apa-apapun.. selamat tahun baru.. :)