Apr 16, 2015

why I choose this path?

kenapa sy suka mengembara?

note that word. mengembara not berjalan.

me, myself seorang yang ada this kind of low self-esteem problem to be very honest.

tapi bila ada dekat negara orang, negara yang bukan dalam my own comfort zone, I can be someone yang boleh bergantung dengan diri sendiri. I can force myself out. my self-esteem level unconciously naik and I don't even care whatever people are saying.

and kalau nak compare diri sekarang dengan diri yang dulu, I'm waaay much better and I need to improve more and more. untuk survive dekat tempat yang bukan tempat kita, I need to force myself out. kalau still dgn diri sendiri yang macam dkt Malaysia, I don't think I can survive.

mengembara to me, like guide ur own self to every places u go. to survive, u only have u and urself. no one else. find ur own way.

berjalan to me like, completely depending on that tour guide or anyone yang guide u dekat situ.

and that's why, kalau orang tanya nak tour guide ke nak on ur own..I'll choose on my own. well, depends on tempat la jugak. so that I can challenge myself. start dgn iti, accommodations, transports, budget whatnot. I learn a lot when searching for those things.

everytime I travelled, I challenged myself. I set my own goals and I'll see either I can do it or not. if yes, then Walla! u good to go. if not, go and repeat again.

and kenapa mengembara bukan berjalan ? sebab dengan mengembara at least la for me, every single steps I take I gain new lesson, new experiences. tapi berjalan..for me, "hey I'm here!" and done.

plus, I love making my own itinerary, handling my own booking and responsible on every steps I taken there. the adrenaline rush when I faced every single obstacles during the journey is just exhilarating and fun! and I can repeat it again and again.

sebab-sebab ni yang membuatkan I don't mind saving every single penny I got, being kedekut with my ownself, not belanja-ing carelessly and all. teach me how to save money to reach my own goals. that's that. 끝.

at least for me. this is my point. argument is there somewhere. I hope this answers every Q's out there. :)


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