Nov 25, 2014

Seoul part ii.

Salam. Hello. I’m back with another part for another day !

click here for part I.

Day 2…
today’s plan is, visiting all the palaces! So, we left the guesthouse around 10am, after so much fuss and whatnot. Then we headed straight to Angguk station from Apgujeong station.

Ok this one, no need to change Line since both station on Line 3.
And one more thing.. our main transport back and forth guesthouse and all place that we visited are our foot and subway. No taxi or bus.

Once arrive at Angguk, we headed to exit #3 to go to Chandeokgung Palace. From the station to that palace, it took around 5 minutes walk. We bought the entry ticket, at first we plan to visit the secret garden where the place of Rooftop Prince shooting the one where the princess died in the pond and Hwang Seja cried. But then, to visit the garden, we have to wait for the guide, unfortunately for us, the English guide only available during evening. So we decided not to visit the garden, we just take a walk around the palace with entry ticket 3000KRW for adults and 1500KRW for children. **note that this trip took place in 2012** The palace is SO big. With hot weather, we just walk around the palace for 30~1 hour.. then we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace for the guard ceremony change.


main gate of Chandeokgung Palace.

background...err..balai rong seri?

jalan nak ke setiap inci istana~

To go to the Gyeongbokgung Palace from Chandeokgung Palace, we have two options – walk for 25 minutes or take a train and stop at next station, Gyeongbokgung. And guess what option we took? Yes. Train. Journey just took around 10 minutes.

So, when we arrive at Gyeongbokgung, the ceremony not started yet. Pheuw.. thankfully. At that time, the guards all are ready to change. So, we wait few minutes for the ceremony to start. Around 12.10pm, the ceremony started ! the guard changing for this palace is totally take a very long time. But seriously, too many things to do just to change the guard during that dynasty. Once the ceremony done, at first, we want to go into the palace, but after thinking, we decided not to. We just walk around there, took pics with the guards etc.

part of ceremony #1

part of ceremony #2

part of ceremony #3

yours truly with pakcik guard janggut hensem,

le mommy and daddy with Gyeonbokgung palace as background~

le daddy and brother with Gwanghwamun Gate as background

The Guard Changing Ceremony held every hour. From 10 ~ 5pm ? no need entrance fee. The ceremony held outside palace at Gwanghwamun Gate right infront of main door of the palace.
In front of the palace, there is Sejong Square, where King Sejong statue located. The view there is soooooooooooo beautiful! Green grass, flowers. Beautiful. I like! Under King Sejong statue, there are like.. underground gallery, the history of how the hangul character invented. I took few pictures wearing King Sejong outfit. Oh, we can try it for FREE!

yours truly bersila kepenatan berbackgroundkan King Sejong Statue.~

King Sejong statue~

merah auwwww~~

hiburan dekat olleh square~

Then we headed to Namsangol Hanok Vilage from Gwanghwamun Station. We have to change Line, since Gwanghwamun is Line 4, and Chungmuro is Line 3.

Oh, Gwanghwamun Station located JUST beside Sejong Square, exit 2, located in front of Olleh Square across of Sejong Square.

From the Chungmuro  station, we took exit 4 to go to the Namsangol Hanok Village, we walked about 10 minutes to there. Oh, I remember this one front of the village gate, I was like, randomly read the sign on the gate, it wrote 남산골한옥마을 , so I just read it..suddenly, there is one ahjusshi, come and greet me, and said, “u read?u can read hangul?” and I just answered, “neh.. can..”, and he said, “good.good.” while patting my hand. I just can smile to him. Back to this village, inside this village, there are 5 hanok houses by 5 families. The house are so traditional. Those who love to learn the culture of Korean families, can come and see it here.

in front of one of the main entrance to the traditional house~

le parents trying the hanbok~

gasing? err..

welcome to Namsangol Hanok Village!

After that, we decided to go back home to get some rest before have a night walk…..

We had some rest, home-cooked dinner, then we decided to go to first, we wanna go n buy souvenirs there.. BUT… once we arrive there, the shops…most of it are close! And I was like… WHAT??? But then, we decided to just hang around the Cheonggyecheon Stream. The stream in the middle of Seoul City. Regardless of Summer season, the water in the stream are totally COLD!! So freaking cold. I can’t imagine during other seasons though.

the stream near dongdaemun~

stream again~

dipping my foot in cold refreshing!

After like.. 1 hour or so… we decided to go back home… BUT! That’s just for my parents. Once we arrive at Apgujeong Station, I asked permission from ayah to go to this one café to buy something. Guess what café? KONA BEANS! Why I’m so excited with this café? Well, this café own by three moms of three members SJ. Teukmom, Kyumom and Mingmom. If ku RAJIN, I’ll tell u the story what happened in this café between me and the moms in other entry.

welcome to Kona Beans!


me with 3 sons from the 3 moms that own the cafe. :3

Ok..general information. Kona Beans located like…. 3~5 minutes walk from where I stay using jalan dalam.

End of Day 2~~~~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

again. this is my trip in 2012. Kona Beans still exist, but didnt own by the three moms anymore. only TeukMom now. MingMom already have her own cafe, Wiki Cafe and KyuMom also have her own one. 

till then,

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