Nov 25, 2014

Seoul: Part III

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New entry. New part. New Day.

Based on our own itinerary.. today is a u-can-do-anything-on-ur-own day. Which mean, I can go anywhere I go and my parents can go anywhere they wanna go.

So…I decided with my adik2, we will go and have a Seoul City Tour by ourselves! First, we headed to Hongdae..Hongdae seriously for young people. Lots of cafes! We walked there for 1 hour or so.. and I decided to teman syaza walked to YG. Well, since we are in Hongdae, so we took chance to go there. We just strolled, and found the building. !

The building is kinda far from Hongdae Station.. but well, to let Syaza feel how i feel when i saw SMEnt right in front of my eyes, I just willingly to walk with her there.

YG Building from far..

YG Building~

Then we headed to Insadong to buy souvenirs… for Malaysian, u can go to this one shop in Insadong.. the seller can speak Malay! She’s Korean, but she can speak Malay..quite lancar. We talked rojak – malay+Korean. And she gave us LOTS of discounts! Insadong street is a nice place to walk and look for a craft, handmade craft for souvenirs in lower price.

In front of Insadong street. SJ everywhereeeee!

we bought all the souvenirs at this shop~

us with the tuan punya kedai who can speak malay. oh this pic was taken on 2nd last day. :3

After that, we went to Yeuido. Well, at first we decided wanna go to Gayang to SBS station, but since the journey will take a lot of time, and we don’t wanna be back late, so we just ignore the Gayang, and we only went to Yeuido to KBS station. Well, we did lost a bit in here since we walk out from wrong exit at subway station. But we just took the opportunity to stroll around Yeuido.. Yeuido is sooooooo green! Full with trees! We walked across the Yeuido park, I think this one is the small park, not the big one beside HanGang. Lots of youngsters hangs there, playing basketball, scooter, bicycle etc. nice view though. Then we walked towards this one building.. and found this one café ! guess? HANDEL & GRETEL! Ok, this café own by Yeparents. Met with Yemom and Yedad too. Talk later if RAJIN. When we found this café, this means, the KBS building just in front of us! So we walk to the front of KBS, and yeah, see where the SUKIRA always be held and whatnot. We did hang around a bit outside KBS..just for a while though..~

the unique sculpture at Yeuido.~

Handel and Gretel~

Handel and Gretel again~

the place where SUKIRA open studio being held. err..actually it's beside this window. =P


Since we have to go back home before it’s too late… we can’t go visit MBC too even we already in Yeuido. sobs.

Then we headed back to guesthouse in Apgujeong. Tired but enjoyed though.

again. do note that this trip was in 2012. H&G didnt exist anymore, YeParents own another cafe called MouseRabbit cafe now. 

see ya in next entry!

till then,

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