Nov 25, 2014

Seoul: Part IV


Day 4… Nami Island and Namsan Tower!

Today we headed to Nami Island!! Ibu prepared nasi lemak for us to have lunch there. We left the house at 8am..then headed to Express Bus Terminal Station from Apgujeong Station.

We use subway to go to the jetty to Nami Island.

From EBT station, we took, Line 7 to Sanbong Station. From Sanbong, we change to line to Gyeongchun Line to go to Gapyeong station. once arrived, we took the taxi to the jetty.

Afraid not, once u arrived in Gapyeong station, there are volunteers to help u. u just have to find which volunteers can speak English!

sleepinggggggggg~ zzzzzzzzzzz
the view on the way to nami~
arrive Gapyeong Stn, heading to jetty!
at the jetty to Nami Island.

on ferry..yours truly kepanasan macam hape je. =_=
the ferry to Nami~
So, we headed to Nami by ferry. The weather was so freaking HOT! But the scenery was so breathtaking! Arrive Nami, there, under the trees, there are like…wood?and people get to write their name there. Even for 2012 one, there is no place to write anymore. But I just write it. Lol. Guess first thing we did once we arrive? Yes, EAT. We ate nasi lemak that we bring, after that, we decided to do our own activity and meet again at the jetty around 1.30pm. 


saupi's family is here. 20120709. :)

welcome to Naminara Republic!

kita makan dulu before exploring the island!

Well, as we know, Nami Island is popular due to Winter Sonata there are lots of places with Winter Sonata pictures. The view…can’t say anything. So beautiful. Well, since we went there during summer,so greeeeeeeeny. So breathtaking. I like it a lot!! 

kisseu. kisseuuuuu.

the first kiss bridge.

ni bebajet macam i la the girl tu. hahahahaha

the famous walkway. ~

the statue of the winter sonata hero n heroin.

Then we get back to Seoul… on the way back, I slept all the way from Gapyeong to Sangbong. .

Once reached Chungmuro station, we took Line 4 to Myeongdong since we wanna go to Namsan Tower via Cable Car. We can also walked to Namsan Tower, but then, to reach there, kena naik tangga banyak oiiii! Actually to go to cable car, we also need to walk the what we say..jalan berbukit? And panjat tangga tinggi! Sweaty all the way to cable car. 

view of Seoul from cable car.

muka penat. lol.

Namsan Tower!

successssssssss! pergh. tired okkkk.
After we ride a cable car, we need to walk on few flight of stairs too! Seriously sweaty all over body. We stay there for a while, went to paddle lock place, and all.. oh, during our visit, there is like… presscon for this one film.. I don’t remember the title.. but seems like an action film. The actors are not there yet. >.<”

After Namsan, we headed home~~

End journey of my parents……

While me, after dinner, went to Kona Beans AGAIN. To meet this one Korean Unnie. Since I have LOTS of things to give it to her and others, so we met in KB. Well, KB is like a meeting place for all of my Korean friends with the International friends. Beside KB, HnG also is the meeting place for us. Easy though. Stayed for just few minutes, since I’m too tired to stay longer and she wanna head back home in Anyang then.

Then, end of my journey of Day 4~

See ya in next part!! Last part?

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