Nov 26, 2014

Seoul part V : Last


hye. hello heheheheh. part last yang bertangguh 2 tahun lol

to summarize je la kot everything for Seoul.

all in all, we managed to cover MOST of the tourist attractions there. MOST. because, i do feel there are a lot of places more we didnt manage to visit >.<;;;

nevermind bout that. of course i will go there again sometimes in the future. ^^

before kita go through my rough budget, here the links utk post2 psl Seoul.

part I
part II
part III
part IV


as per 2012 punya budget la ni. rough budget. 

flight tix: ~ RM600/return
homestay: ~ RM2k/6 pax/5 nights
transport : ~ RM80/person (solely usijng subway and bus)
entrance fee: ~RM50/person
food: /masak sendiri/ ~ RM50/person
misc: ~RM600 [mine]

total: ~ RM2100 something something la.

yang ni memang rough habis budget ni. but boleh je even 2014/2015 nk buat guna budget RM2500 pun. dah manage to survive dah dekat sana.

so this conclude my Seoul travelog. /yang tak berapa nak travelog pun sebab rasa macam tak lengkap but my iti tak jumpaaaaa TAT/

any question utk Seoul, just comment or email me - xpinatx [@] gmail [.] com
insyaAllah even baru pergi sekali, tapi kalau ada yang rasa nak tanya tu and i manage to answer it, i'll answer it. ^^V

till then,

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